10 Feb 2016

Solutions to Patching Up Your Wet Basement


If you have had a flood in your basement recently, convenient and affordable solutions are at your fingertips. Read through the advice we have provided to discover the best wet basement solutions. This article has been written by experts who have been through the process and know how to get out from under the flood of water-as well as through the flood of information available on how to clean up the mess.

  1. Put your thinking cap on and solve your problem the old-fashioned way by using household goods and home remedies. For example, did you know that aluminum foil can be used to solve the problem of water on your walls? Just tape aluminum foil to your basement wall. If the water is on the outside of the foil, it means high indoor humidity. If the water is on the inside the foil, it means moisture is leaking through the walls. This simple step can save you time and energy by finding the root of the problem.
  1. Next, get a fresh start. Mop up excess water and dry out the area. Use fans to ventilate the basement or use a dehumidifier. If you have any windows in the basement, keep them open to circulate clean air.
  1. Stop new damage before it starts. Water dripping from pipes can worsen the situation, so use insulation to patch up leakages. Foam works well and is easy to cut, fit, and install. Water can build up on walls as well, so be sure to keep them insulated. As a bonus, maintaining insulation will reduce your heating bill!
  1. Give yourself a break. You can manage all of these wet basement solutions by yourself, or you can call a professional clean-up company like Vital Restoration to do your dirty work. Vital Restoration boasts a reputation as San Francisco’s best water damage restoration services. If you are not in the Bay Area, find a company close by that can do a tip-top job.When it comes to your home and belongings, you can’t trust just anyone to do the job. Be sure to read reviews to receive the top-notch, trustworthy care you deserve.

Our tips are just the beginning. The wild world of wet basement solutions is in itself a complicated subject. If you are overwhelmed by your own research, discuss the particulars with a pro today.

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