10 Feb 2016

The First Steps to Flood Damage Restoration


Have you recently had a significant flood in your home? Or have firefighters used water hoses to put out a fire, leaving serious water damage? Then you may benefit from our tips on efficient methods of flood damage restoration.

If this situation has happened to you, then you are in for a complex clean up. Fortunately, we have organized advice from the pros to help you begin a successful water damage clean up process. Read on to eliminate some of your concerns and begin the process of undoing the damage.

  1. To begin, you have to get your hands dirty. Pull out an old-fashioned mop and bucket, or use a more sophisticated tool like a sump pump. Just be sure the area is free from electrical devices to prevent electric shock.
  2. Assess the situation. Take pictures of the damage. List any missing items. Make a plan of action before delving into the restoration.
  3. Identify areas of your home and any specific items that may need special care. Trinkets like silverware and porcelain may need professional cleaning, as do things like photographs. Below we have listed specific companies that specialize in flood damage restoration. Contact similar organizations for the best results.
  4. Call your insurance company. In addition to help from a professional water cleanup business, insurance companies are invaluable to evaluate the damage and provide care, as well as financial support.

Throughout the process, we encourage you to take your time and try to take it easy. Although a flood is understandably difficult to endure, it can also be a time to reassess what is important in your life and what truly makes your house a home. Don’t put all of the pressure on yourself to fix everything. Reach out to family and friends, and look into calling a company such as Vital Restoration, which specializes in flood damage restoration.

Again, be sure to call your insurance company. Oftentimes you will be able to remodel the damaged areas of your home with insurance to cover it. The situation could turn out to be a blessing in disguise: a chance to renovate your home! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the process.

Instead of festering in the damage, be sure to keep your eye on the new things to come. Concentrate on designing and furnishing your home. Do not be afraid to keep it positive and have fun while you are at it and enjoy this opportunity for growth and change.

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